Total Cost of Cardboard Box is $25.99 + Shipping and Handling.  S & H in USA is $10.00 for 1-2 boxes.  S & H to Canada , Mexico  and all other International destinations is between $12.00 to $20.00 for 1-2 boxes. 

The New Wooden Rectangle Box is $45.99 per Box + Shipping and Handling.  S & H  in USA depends on where you live.  It is between $12-$15.00.  International S & H is between &15-$20.00. Please click on drop down menu to verify cost.  Key/Bag Chains, Statuettes and brochures can be bought outside of the box.  There is no tax on all products except for those bought from Pennsylvania address.  If you want to purchase more than 10 boxes or sell boxes at your business please email or phone rayz odyssey.  If you want to pay by check please include price of box/item with shipping and handling cost.  For more information about all products listed below please email or call 717-512-8161.

Send check payable to rayz odyssey at:

rayz odyssey, P. O. Box 189, Hummelstown, PA 17036.

To review pictures of statuettes, keychains and “Instructional Guide” look below on page.

All Prices Below are Listed with Shipping and Handling Included.