Artwork by RDF

Art has been an interest of mine for many years. Each time I visit a city domestic or abroad, I find myself drawn to art museums and exhibitions to deepen my understanding about generations of people, places and things, through the eyes of an artist.....

My first exposure as an adult to the process of creating art came during a Drawing I class at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA during 1989. What started as a simple Business degree elective blossomed into a deeper appreciation and intimate part of my life.

After collecting art supplies for several years, it was my fascination with artwork in exhibitions along with a daily yoga and meditation practice that inspired me to expand further with charcoal drawings and painting. Expressing myself through art became something of joy and therapeutic in nature.

Each and every one of us is an artist with a lifetime of canvases to paint. The expression within us must be released in a "Two Fisted Art Attack" as the great artist Denny Dent once said.

I hope you find inspiration here to expand further with your own canvas or photography.  Enjoy the work and leave a message if you like.

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